About Us

JJP Capital About Us

JJP Capital Ltd was incorporated in February 2020 by entrepreneurs and investors Jurgita and Jurij Petiul. 

In the Real Estate JJP Capital have a mission based on consistently caring on investments for each investor involved. Our strategy is to seek certain types of properties only, mainly based in the best locations which allow to provide consistent cash flow and secure returns for our investors. We believe that Real Estate is one of the best, safe and stable places to invest for the long haul.


In the Solar Energy Investments JJP Capital have unique opportunity for investors in the fast global turn from traditional fossil fuels  into renewable sours of energy opens a great opportunity for our investors to purchase  25 % of solar panels park and generate strong  profits in company based in Spain. Wisely located in area  were 2180 sun / hours a year for a  long term 25 - 30 years passive income contract with our management company. Four investors in total.  Each investor own 25% of the company.  Investors getting paid quarterly 10% return on investment per annum. First return in 3-6 months. Full investment return In 10 years and following 15 -20 years receiving constant cash flow. Management company has 25 years contracts  with land lease, solar panels suppliers, maintenance providers and  energy buyers (government contract).  Contact us for more information.