Investment opportunities

JJP Capital Investment opportunities

In the Rial Estate - we take care of everything right after you have invested in the property. As you know, investment in the  property is not only about buying and selling properties. It's a lot of papers and administration work you don't want to be involved into.

JJP Capital is a management company taking care of dealing with engineers, solicitors, auctioneers, builders, inspections, contracts, property tax, insurance, maintenance of the property, finding tenants, and dealing with any problems and etc. To generate profit JJP Capital will rent it out, to secure constant and stable returns for your investment.


In the Solar Energy Investments - we are offering a unique opportunity for our investors to purchase shares of our Spanish Limited Company and generate strong  profits for a long 25 - 30 years term of passive income.  Maximum 4 investors for 25% shares each.

All the hassle: contracts, company accounting, maintenance and etc are on our management company. Investor is only responsible for his own income tax declaration, which also can be done by our company on request.

Solar panel farm

Equity investment in Solar Panel Farms in Spain. Investors own 100% of company. Investors get paid quarterly 10% return on investment per annum. Return in 3-6 months.
Passive income. 25-30 years contract. No more investment needed. Company will be managed by management company